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Are you facing trouble with your car's air-conditioning that tends to make loud noises and less cooling? Perhaps it’s time to get your air conditioner inspected. At Automotive Remedies, get your car's cooling system inspected by experienced professionals, who'll make sure you don’t face any difficulty while you're on the road.

It’s easy to ignore your car’s air conditioner and still expect cool, dry, clean air to hit your face with a push of the button. However, that's not how it works. Your air-conditioning system needs the same amount of attention you pay to other parts of your car. Getting your air conditioner regularly inspected and repaired can help the system function perfectly. Call us today.
Air conditioning inspection

Make Your Car's Air Conditioner Last Longer With Regular Maintenance

A common cause of air-conditioning failure is leaks. The air conditioners have refrigerant that helps make the air cold. Leaking of refrigerant reduces the efficiency of the system, making it difficult to dispense cool air. 

Evacuating your vehicle's air-conditioning system periodically and recharging it can help retain clean refrigerant in the system so that it cools better and lasts longer.
We provide a 12,000-mile or a 12-month WARRANTY.
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