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Not all brake pads are created equal; some have warning indicators, some are made of organic compounds, some have shims, some are molded, some are ceramic, some are beveled, and so on. Whatever may be the case, the auto repair experts at Automotive Remedies are well-equipped with the knowledge of providing your foreign or domestic vehicle with the right brake installation.

The next time you bring your vehicle to us for oil changes, get your brake pads visually inspected by the professionals at no additional charge. We monitor them at each oil change and eliminate the possibility of expensive damage to rotors and other components.
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Once the brake pads wear away completely, the calipers will grind groove into the rotors and damage them. Then the rotors are required to be resurfaced or replaced. That’s not just dangerous as your vehicle will take time to stop when you push the brake, but will also add to your expense in order to get them repaired. 

Also, rotors can warp, crack, or can be too thin to resurface and requires a replacement. Visit our repair shop to get your brakes fully inspected and prevent any possible damage to your rotors.
We provide FREE brake inspection.
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